To focus on three simple priorities: Your Budget, Your Peace of Mind and Your Loyalty. We will provide you the best value and make buying your car a great experience. When we deliver on this promise, we believe you’ll keep coming back again and again.

What's it to you?

Picture this. You find a car or truck online and visit. You take it for a spin. You ask questions and we discuss options that fit your budget and taste. You’ll look at a price comparison report and we show you how much you can get the same for car at other dealers–full disclosure. You make your decision, feel great about it, and you drive away with the freedom of knowing you have a no-hassle, 3-day, money back guarantee.

Where the rubber meets the road.


Because our salespeople are not on commission we can focus even harder on understanding your needs first and creating a great personal experience just for you. No haggling, no games, no pressure. We’ve changed our compensation system so that now, what matters to you…matters to them.

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You’ll always get our up-front best price. It’s that simple. We believe this is the easiest way for you to measure value and make the best, most educated decision possible.

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Our Internet based, price-check software will give you the price of your vehicle available at every competitor within hundreds of miles. We use data from over 40,000 websites daily to check our prices against all our competition to ensure we’re offering you the best value.

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Buying a car or truck is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. We get that. And because we want you to drive away with peace of mind, we offer a full money back guarantee, allowing you to drive away knowing that you can return your vehicle, within 3 days, with no questions asked.

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