Buying a car or truck is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. We get that. And because we want you to drive away with peace of mind, we offer a full money back guarantee, allowing you to drive away knowing that you can return your vehicle, within 3 days, with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I return the car, do I get all my money back or just pick a different vehicle?
Your choice. You can get either the full cash amount back or select a differnet vehicle.

2. Is it really All my money? Or is there some fee to do this?
No Fee, yes all your money, even state title, registration and any dealer fees.
Every penny back?

3. Are there any restrictions on how many miles the car can have on it when I return it?
Yes, 300 miles since purchase. If there are more than 300 miles then it would not qualify for the money back guarantee. We feel 100 miles a day is plenty for normal driving also this protects us from somebody buying a car only to use it for a rental vehicle (believe it or not, this has happened).

4. So if I live out of state and drive the vehicle home after purchasing it I’d have more than 300 miles on it, so is there some execption for out-of-state buyers?
Unfortuntly not, because of the vast differences in DVM law and regulations from state-to-state, we have limited our Money Back Guarantee to only Wisconsin residents.

5. If I finance the vehicle will I need to contact the bank and have them remove the loan and do a bunch of work?
No, we handle all the paperwork needed to reverse the sale and stop any DMV, financial and other paperwork involved in the transaction.

6. Does Sunday count as one of the Three days?
Even if Kayser is closed on Sunday?
Yes, the three days are counted on calendar days, not days we are open, so Holidays and such would also count.

7. If I traded a car in, would I get my car back?
Most likely yes, the only time you may not receive your old car is if we had another guest waiting for us to find a car like yours and we had already sold it. If you did not want your car you can also simply opt for the cash value of your old car.

8. Do I need to transfer my insurance to the new car when I sign the paperwork or after the three day MBG period ends?
You would take ownership, thus transfer insurance, at the time you sign the paperwork for your car. Definitely, call your agent prior to taking the vehicle from the dealership. Our business office will assist you in doing this too.

9. This is pretty cool…takes a lot of the pressure of picking the wrong car off of me, how come this is not offered by more dealerships?
Probably a combination of the complexity of the paperwork of buying a car, and the idea that “we’ve never done it that way”.

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