Because our salespeople are not on commission we can focus even harder on understanding your needs first and creating a great personal experience just for you. No haggling, no games, no pressure. We’ve changed our compensation system  so that now, what matters to you…matters to them.

They earn a flat amount on every car they sell, and have the ability to increase that amount based on two criteria.

1. Guest Satisfaction

If our sales people have demonstrated the ability to delivered on our promise of Satisfaction First they earn an extra bonus on every car they sell.  The measurement used for this award in online reveiws.

2. Monthly sales volume

If a sales person has an average monthly selling volume of 17 cars or more, they earn an bit more on every car they sell; as well as free Health Insurance & one Saturday day-off per month.

What this means to you

Your satisfaction really is our #1 priority and it’s reflected in the way we compensate our sales people. If you really enjoyed your buying experience then they are doing their jobs. If you absolutely LOVED your experience, then they are doing their jobs well, and they have earned an extra bonus. In order for a salesperson to achieve the maximum bonus for his or her efforts, they must achieve a 17 car sales average. No easy task, but not so uncommon at Kayser. This means that the service you will receive from your salesperson after you make that purchase should be just as good as before you buy.

These factors have no affect on a sales person’s compensation.

- How expensive or inexpensive a car’s sale price is.
- Which car they sell, Brand New, Slightly Used, Certified Pre-Owned or really used…they all pay the same.
- How much your monthly payment is.
- How good or not-so-good your credit is.
- How long you need to make and informed decision.
- How many balloons they can blow up on Saturday.
- Whether you pay cash, finance, lease …all the same.
…Nope, all that matters is making sure you find the right car and how happy you are. Rocket science…we know.

It’s a nice feeling walking into a car dealership and seeing the same people time after time.

72% of our sales people have been with us for 5 years.
60% have been selling with us for 10 years
40% have been with us for over 20 years.

All but two of our sales management have been with us for over 20 years.

Our Promise

At Kayser, We believe you can love buying your car as much as you love driving it.

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